My Portfolio

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Highlight Film

As its title suggests, our highlight film underscore the best moments of your day. These short films run between 5 and 7 minutes long. Depending on your preferences, your highlight reel can either take a narrative or creative direction. We incorporate royalty-free music and various uploading formats on our highlight reels, ideal for sharing on your social media channels.

Feature Film

Some couples enjoy reliving their Big Day in its entirety. Our feature-length videos cover your entire day, from the ceremony to the end of the reception. While a retelling of every second will still translate beautifully on film, we aim to create a final product that you love watching over and over again. Thus, we trim our feature-length films down to 20 and 30 minutes long, bringing emphasis to your best moments.

Documentary Film

For journalistic films, our videographers capture the events of the day as they happen. We add sound bites from well-wishers and vows as part of a retelling of your day. We edit our documentary-style videos in a chronological manner, covering everything from preparations to the last moments of your reception.


What is a Highlights Film?

Capturing all of the emotion throughout the day, the Highlights Film (3 to 5 minutes long) include the most intimate and raw moments, the fleeting moments that are often missed. These films are a true, natural and candid representation of all the collection of moments that made your wedding perfect.

What is a Wedding Film?

The Wedding Film is a documentary-style film (60 to 120 minutes long) of your entire day with audio edited into one easy to watch video, including the getting ready part of the day, your ceremony in full, photography time, entrances, cake-cutting, mingling, speeches and dancing.

Do you film solo?

It will just be me filming your wedding with a two-camera set-up. My approach is to be very discrete on the day. The last thing I would want is to overwhelm you with the presence of a large film crew. If you feel you would benefit from an additional videographer, I can arrange this for you.

What is the booking process?

Get in touch and from there I will confirm availability for your date. A 30% deposit will secure your booking, after which, the date is booked and is all yours. I like to catch up with my couples a couple of months prior to the date to get to know you and discuss all of the finer details (hopefully in person or if not, over Zoom).

Do you record audio?

Yes. I use the latest RODE Wireless microphones to record your ceremony in full, speeches and any other special audio. You will receive all of your audio in all of my collections.

I'm camera-shy, will that affect my wedding video?

My style of wedding videography is natural, authentic and candid. I like to let the day naturally unfold, so I won't ask you to do anything that will make you feel uncomfortable. I want you to enjoy your day, and be yourselves. Hopefully you will even forget that I'm there.